Sunday, December 27, 2009

Do it Frank!

After watching the replays of the Brooklyn Dodgers vs Yankees world series games yesterday. I think it's long past due to give Gil the honor and respect he deserves.
Since the HOF is deadlocked in a pissing contest.  The Dodgers can give something to their fans that they have wanted for a long time. I can bet there is not a single living Brooklyn, early LA player or fan that would not agree with this. Bring in Gil's wife, along with all his living teammates and deceased  players wives to share in this event.  This travesty has gone on long enough.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Frank does some late night landscaping

Frank McCourt was spotted in the stadium parking lot behind the Think Blue sign late last night. When asked what he was doing. Mccourt replied. He was just digging up some fresh dirt for the pitchers mound. "I'm looking at cutting costs for the 2010 season" Officer Gutierrez then asked how the situation was going with his wife. Mccourt answered that he and Jamie and decided to bury the hatchet. "I'm putting it all behind me. It's buried as far as I'm concerned. Jamie got what she had coming to her, and decided to take a long trip over seas with her driver. Time to move on."

Beast Mode to the White Sox

Jamie's X-mas cards

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Jeff Fuller Dodgers Ambassador

Fuller posing as the Dodgers Ambassador over in Taiwan. He is more likely to drive one, than to be one. LA Times story  Just when you thought the off season couldn't get any stranger.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sorry just had to do it.

Mo Money

Dodgers just say no to all FA players. Why? Because Frank knows people will still come. Time to send a message to these idiots. Maybe a little protest in front of the stadium might get their attention.

The theme for 2010 should be.