Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear Frank and Jamie

Will you two assholes just kill each other and free the loyal fans the pain of this divorce? You have nothing left to live for in LA. The Hollywood crowd you so much wanted to be a part of, is laughing their collective asses off at you two. Seriously, how much do you greedy bastards need to live on? So please sell the team to someone that gives a damn and move the fuck on. Split it all 50/50, but get it the hell over with. You have made a mockery of one of the greatest franchises in all of baseball with your antics and do not deserve to own this team. Neither one of you is even qualified to run a Gas n go, let alone the Dodgers. So please spare us this divorce and get out of town with at least some face left. Trust me, you both will have enough money to buy another one somewhere else.

Signed a loyal fan of 41 years.

PS. Fuck you Bud Selig for letting these idiots buy the team in the first place. I look forward to pissing on your statue in Milwaukee someday.

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