Monday, July 12, 2010

ML Mid Season Update No spin version

This is from one of the guys on my forum. If you have ever read the Dodger Blues forum. You may remember him by the name. Shawn Green's Foreskin. He has since shortened it ( no pun intended) "The Skin" when he came over to the LFP. Enjoy

That's right.

Continuing a DB board tradition, whether any of you give a shit or not. With 3 days of no Doyer baseball, (other than the glorified exhibition game tomorrow), time to see what few morsels of talent the Doyers have in their farm system. Although according to some of you, every single one of the minor leaguers must be awesome, because Logan White says so.

AAA, The Querque. My God, what a clusterfuck of former and current roiders and methheads this is. Lindsey (the black Crash Davis), Gibbons (roider), Redman (mether), Hoffman, Hu, Restovich (who gives a fuck). Two things to point out position player wise. Lucas May is doing well (312-11-43) and after a slow start, Ivan DeJesus is picking it up. Maybe he's over the injury, finally. (291-2-30) I know it sounds shitty, but he was barely hitting his weight up until about 2 weeks ago.

Pitching, Lindblom, Elbert, Leach, Wade, Claudio Vargas, getting raked. McDonald has been pitching better lately but still hasn't put up the perfomance that you would like to see from him, whether he pitches in a hitter's park or not. Calero and Taschner have been okay so far since they got there, nothing spectacular. Troncoso has pitched 3.1 productive innings. Bastardo has been serviceable I am happy to report. Right handed reliever Jesus Rodriguez, undrafted 24 year old free agent from Mexico is kicking ass???

AA, Nooga. The much discussed Jerry Sands has looked good in his 61 at-bats. Jumped from Great Falls straight to AA and he's still tearing it up. Good sign. Journeyman minor leaguer Corey Smith is driving in a ton of runs. Who cares? Dee Gordon has been okay at the plate, shitty in the field, 24 errors. Trayvon Robinson has had a very good season. Don't know if he'll ever be an everyday player in LA but he might be a good 4th outfielder or good trade bait. Lambo's baked. Dustin Yount and Scott Van Slyke suck donkey dick, but their dads were good!

Pitching, Withrow, okay. Sexton, okay. Jesus Castillo, okay. Jon Huber, great, but he's almost 30. Kenley Jansen is a stud. This looks like the next dominant Doyer late inning reliever. Aaron Miller is off to a great start after tearing it up at Inland Empire. And he's left handed. This is the guy to watch. Fuck Ethan Martin, the angry redneck.

Indland Empire, Kyle Russell did well but is getting crushed at Chattanooga. Alex Garebadian is an Armenian catcher. Travis Denker is still alive and he plays at Inland Empire after being on the Giants big league roster. Classic! Matt Wallach has okay numbers but he's already old for a single A guy. (24) Preston Mattingly is a fucking joke. Even the most loyal Logan slurper must admit that wasting first round pick on this asshole was an epic fail.

Pitchers, blah. Eovaldi, decent. Kyle Smit. Decent. Ethan Martin, shitty start, but getting better as the season goes on. Jon Michael Redding, sounds like a serial killer.

So the cupboards aren't bare, but it isn't exactly pretty either.

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