Friday, January 22, 2010

The flight from the top deck.

Boys will be boys no matter what you tell them not to do. One of Jim Brewer's rules for the boys was, there will be no throwing of paper airplanes off the top deck during a game or any other time. The reason behind this was the standard parental thinking. "You can poke someones eye out doing it." Every child, ever born has been told that a thousand times. It's one of those misdemeanor offenses that children just brush off as some urban legend that you hear about, but there is no evidence to back it up. So the story begins.

The Brewer boys were walking around the stadium looking for something to do, when the idea hit them. They would go up to the top deck and make some paper airplanes to keep them occupied during the game. With an old  game day program they had found. The boys had all they needed for some in game entertainment. They made their way to the top deck with program in hand and knew the perfect spot to carry out their flight plan. The concrete up rise at the top of the stadium was just the place to do it. The boys quickly dismembered the program and began construction of the planes. Thinking they were hidden from view from any onlookers, like in scoreboard. They began to launch the planes off the top of the stadium and into the crowd. After several failures. A slight breeze caught one of the planes, sending it slowly down towards the playing surface and landing between the pitchers mound and third base. After the successful landing. They made their way back down from their perch on top of the stadium towards the club house. When they entered the club house they still couldn't stop laughing from their greatest flight ever. As they walked across the clubhouse, their father said "Come over here" with a stern voice. As they made their way over, the older of the boys Mark said "Do you think he saw us?" The younger Brewer knowing his older brother cracks easily under pressure tried to reassure his brother by saying "No way he saw us. The bull pen is too far away. He's setting a trap" When they arrive at the the locker. The elder Brewer looks at the boys and says. "I saw you boys" but he never said what he saw them doing. Scott is praying his older brother can hold out and answers back "Seen us do what?"  Before their father can get a word out, Mark starts to confess "Yes we were they ones who threw the plane" Their father gives a few taps to the boys, much to the amusement and laughter of the other players. When he finished he looks at the two boys. He starts smiling, laughing and says. "I didn't see you from the bullpen. I just knew you two were up to something from the look on your faces when you came in". Once again the punishment was a three day ban from the park.

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