Thursday, January 21, 2010

Growing up with the Dodgers Part two

The best place to watch a game.

 Scott Brewer and his partner in crime Tim Haller, son of catcher Tom Haller. Found the perfect spot to watch a game from one afternoon. The boys were exploring the inside of the left field pavilion one day and somehow worked their way up and into the scoreboard. Totally hidden from view, they made their way up several ladders inside till they reached the peak of the scoreboard. Once there, they noticed another small ladder that led up to a hatch in the roof. With a little help from Scott, the young Haller climbed up to the hatch. Once there, Tim was unable to open the newly discovered door. Scott quickly climbed up the ladder to assist in the opening. With another person to help, the hatch opened up. The young Haller immediately shouted out. "Wow! This is the best view in the park" The location where their heads came out to view was directly below the Union 76 sign on the scoreboard. The two boys took turns watching the game from their new vantage point. Thinking no one saw them, they closed the hatch and climbed back down out of the scoreboard.

The boys made their way back to the clubhouse. Once in side they were confronted by Dodgers executive Red Patterson and a not so happy Jim Brewer. Patterson asked what they were doing out there. The boys pleaded guilty and Scott received his punishment. His father give him a few taps on the rear, grinning while the other players started laughing. He knew his fathers heart was not into the spanking, so it never bothered him when he received one. He feared his mother much more. The real punishment as he calls it was being "banned" from the stadium for three games. Scott claims "That was the one you didn't want. My dad knew it drove me crazy to sit at home and not be at the game."  That was not the only time young Mr Brewer had to stand before his father in the clubhouse. I'll post some more later tonight.

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