Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dodgers feedback

This is from one of the posters on the forum. It was too good not to share.

Can you please ask Eric Collins to stop screaming whenever the Dodgers get a hit? He and Lyons are awful on TV and if they're the Dodgers' long term plan for Vinny's successors, you can be assured I'll never watch another game as long as I live. That's how much I despise those two. They're terrible.

Thank you.

Again, really just to amuse myself. Didn't expect to get a response, but lo and behold:

Hello [name],

Thank you for the feedback. I am sorry to hear you do not enjoy listening to Eric Collins and Steve Lyons. When it comes to broadcasters as fans we sometimes really do or don’t enjoy what they have to say. Each and every person has their own likes and dislikes.

I can’t really offer any advice on how to rectify your displeasure other than to possible watch the games with the television on mute and listening to the radio broadcast if you prefer Charlie Steiner and Rick Monday.

Again I apologize but I hope you will continue to support Dodger baseball.

Thank you and have a great day and GO DODGERS!!!!


Ben Goetting said...

"Well if you don't like piss in your ears, maybe you would prefer pure feces?"

KempKershaw said...

Eric Collins attended the Gus Johnson School Of Broadcasting.