Saturday, September 18, 2010

My take on the events of yesterday

Why all of a sudden did Joe feel the need to make announcement? As I watched the proceedings yesterday. One thing kept running through my mind. Why now? He can't wait till the end of the season or till the team was eliminated like he said? Several things about this stink to me. No matter what you say about Torre's in game management. The man above all has class. I do not think the events scheduled yesterday were very well thought out. It looked rushed. Everyone in the room looked scared and was trying to say the right thing. It was not the way I figured Joe would go out. What happened in that room looked like it was thrown together at the last minute. With no planning or class what so ever for a guy deserving of way more than what he received.

I'm not Oliver Stone, but I am a very good judge of people and body language. I believe the only reason for that dog and pony show was not to say Joe is leaving and Wallach just got screwed like Mike Scioscia. But to knock the bomb that O'Malley set off out of the news the day before asap. Say what you want. It was a huge story on all the newscasts in LA but was quickly brushed aside for the Torre stepping down story.

Frank can deny and claim people support him.  Times put up a poll on their site and it shows otherwise.

Those are not the numbers the Spin Dr's are looking for. I'm sure the numbers go much higher than that small sample and will continue to grow higher the longer the McCourts drag this team through the mud.

Frank is right he don't have to sell the team. no one can force him. He is also wrong in assuming that the team will draw the numbers it has in the past. The fans do have a say and can express their displeasure by not attending games or buying season tickets. When FOX owned the team. They could absorb the losses. Frank can't and he knows it. His lawyers now it, and so does Bud Selig,  So remember to just say NO the next time a ticket rep calls wanting you to support his greed. If the fans stick together we can force a change what ever the Judges decision.

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