Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tommy says


Green Lantern JBJ of Sector 1138 said...

LMAO i call him the Godfather too!

gibbie23 said...

CLASSIC! My first game at the (then) new PacBell Park (not AT&T Park) after the Midgets left Candlestick was unofficially "Boo Tommy Lasorda Day" at the downtown SF ballpark. If I remember correctly it was the second game played there - a night game against the Dodgers on April ??, 2000. Tommy rode around on a golf cart before the game and took crap from fans smiling and waving the whole way around (remember, this is when Tommy and the then Fox-owned Dodgers had fallen out of favor for each other).

Always thought Tommy had mad balls and bravery for riding around the dirt track that game n front of rabid haternation SF Midget Fans. Seeing I am AT&T Park bound in exactly one hour... I'll have to agree with Tommy on this one... FUCK SAN FRANCISCO!!!

tyson said...

This should be the next shirt.