Saturday, October 31, 2009

Complete Dodgers card collection

I own every Dodgers card made by Topps from 1956 - 2009. Imagine my surprise when I saw this listed on ebay today. ebay Dodgers collection  and couldn't help but notice that his cards are not in as good of condition as mine. My collection runs NM - NMMT from 1958 - on up. The 1956 - 57's are mostly EXMT -NM.

You have all seen my cards but are not aware of it. Do you remember the Reeling In The Years spots during the 7th inning in 2008? The cards you saw featured in the videos were from my collection. Marl Langill contacted me after FSN inquired about using baseball cards for those spots. I had just finished scanning the entire collection onto my hard drive, so I do not have to handle them in order to see them. It was then that someone on Dodgerblues suggested I make an interactive DVD out of the scans. The DVD was made and  sent  off to the Dodgers hoping they would consider making it as a stadium give away or sell in the team store. They enjoyed looking at it but turned it down. Saying it was too much of a headache to get all the licensing and legal crap needed.

I then went to MLB and asked if they were interested. They had no time for me. They consider baseball cards an existing product. I swear that they have the most incompetent  people running these teams and companies. How many fans would love to own every baseball card of their favorite team? The problem is, the cost of the time and money putting a collection like that together is out of reach for most. Then scanning all the cards. Throw in the graphics and stuff to make it work. It consumes a lot of time. I had done all that for them and they still turned it down. Hell, I even made the DVD case look like a baseball card wrapper.

I used a Topps reprint set for the 52 - 55 cards in the DVD. The cost and time needed to collect even Fair - EX cards of those years was to high even for me. Troy from West Virginia is a good friend and made a video of the DVD. Troy's video   FSN  sent me a copy of all the Reeling In The Years spots featuring the cards. along with a DVD of all the True Blue Stories. I would love to upload them, but due to lawyers. I can't. You can see the collection on the main  website for this blog.

Sorry if the slide show is not clear in Firefox. I know it works perfect in IE. The 2009 Update cards came the other day. So as soon as I scan them. I will upload a new slide show and hope it works better in FF. I know you just can't wait to see the George Sherrill card


Ferio said...

You still have any copies of that dvd lying around?

PenosCabell said...

That is very impressive.

How can I get a copy of that DVD?