Sunday, October 18, 2009

DB and me.

This week the owner of the Dodgerblues announced he might shut the site down with a Dodgers WS win. As I roamed through the blogs reading comments from readers on the thought of DB shutting down. I was amused at all the people who would be glad to see it go. Winning a world series would be great. We fans have waited long enough, but losing DB would hurt as much as losing world series. I understand where he is coming from since I have undertaken this site. I now know the commitment and dedication involved with doing a blog, but DB is more than a blog. It's a community.

For those that do not know me or where I came from. I will tell you. I came from DB. No, none of my pics ever made the front page on DB, those are all done by the sites owner.  I came from the forums. I started on DB when it was the "Old green board" as we like to call it. Surfing it on a Web TV. I fell in love with the place as soon as I saw it. Here was someone that finally gets it. He knew the bad trades. The history of the team. He understood me. He felt my pain as a once great team fell into disarray.  He made us laugh and cry at the same time.  I joined the forum to be with others who felt the same. They didn't buy into the sunshine that ownership tried to blow up the fans asses. These people are not lovers of math and statistics. The only thing that mattered was winning.

People put DB down for all its negativity. They say "the people on that site are horrible". "How can they be fans when all they do is make fun of the team." It's called PASSION. Get some, try it sometime. We on DB live and die with this team. Ask my wife what I'm like after watching a Dodgers loss. My kid knows if the Dodgers won or lost the night before, by the mood I'm in when I drive her to school. On DB I found that I was not alone. There were others just like me. There are those that won't admit to enjoying DB. They lie. DB is like a drug. It's the first place you go when you need your after game fix. Whether it's the main site or the forum.

This site as well as a few other sites are the bastard children of DB. Though some won't admit it. He set the standard with his photoshops and writing. This blog and website was started because of him. When DB got hacked or went down. We had no place to go. That is why I created The Left Field Pavilion. So we had some place to go, since we don't quite fit in with the other fan sites on the web.

 Let me finish by saying this. If  DB chooses to shut it down. I'm more than willing to keep the spirit alive. If someday I decide to stop. I hope there will be someone willing to pick up for me. For as you all know. No matter how many world series wins the Dodgers may or may not get. Dodger fans will always need a place to vent their frustration and share a laugh.

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A. DeVandry said...

I agree with this wholeheartedly. Good work, Brown.