Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The team that wouldn't quit

 I hate like hell to be an optimist, only for this team to rip my damn heart out again. So I tried to think good thoughts. The 1981 team was the team of my youth. Even in the 70's, the Phillies seemed to enjoy kicking Dodgers fans in the balls. Living 60 miles west of Philly made it all the harder for me whenever they lost to the Phil's. The 1981 team was down 0-2 in the best of 5 NLDS and NLCS. They fell behind the Yanks 0-2 in the
World Series. Again they came back to win four straight. To commemorate that that great season. The LA Police dept gave out baseball cards of the players and events of the season. Printed on the back was a little phrase at the end of the paragraph on each card that I remember to this day. 

This is what is written on the back of the World Series card.

"The Los Angeles Dodgers capped a fantastic year of comebacks to win the World Series. After dropping the first two games to the Yankees in New York, the Dodgers bounced back to win four straight games. Three of those four wins were come from behind, one run victories. The display of teamwork and determination by the Dodgers is an outstanding example for all of us. If you ever face a tough situation, remember the team that wouldn't quit." 

I have never forgotten that. I'm hoping maybe somehow, this team will rise up, and just kick the living shit out of those bastards!

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