Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dodger films shut down

There will be no more great videos from the left field pavilion anymore. Last night Bobby was told he could no longer film during the game due to MLB policy. I find it funny how MLB has never asked him to remove his videos from You tube, yet as everyone knows. MLB will not hesitate to pull a clip from a game recorded on a TV and posted on YT. This is a sad day for Dodger Fans everywhere.


Bobby wrote me again and asked me to say. That it was Dodger stadium security and not MLB or the Team that asked him to stop

"Security cited MLB policy as the only reason for making me stop filming during the game, but MLB allows my videos on YouTube, has no problem with them, so why was I shut down? It's also fairly annoying that security let this go on for over two years and then suddenly stops me out of nowhere. If they think this policy is so important to enforce, why didn't they enforce it in the last two years"

Feel free to just quote me on that, if you'd like


Rob said...


Josh S. said...

On one hand, it's a written rule that Dodger Stadium does not allow videotaping or photographing of on-field action.

On the other hand, that rule is very poorly enforced. He's been doing it for so long and MLB has never pulled his videos, so why does security have to get thuggish about it now?

I think the McCutchen video brought him unwanted attention. He should just keep doing it. Maybe if different security is assigned to the LFP next time, he can videotape in peace.

rbnlaw TIME! said...

I blame Frank (like Josh told me to).