Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vin and Beard shirt update

I just got off the phone with the printer. The Vin shirts will be sent out along with the dozen Beard shirts that were in my original order the other week. Since I received some more Beard shirts yesterday. He is willing to print them up for me this weekend and include them in that shipment. He needs the sizes and colors totals by today. For those that have emailed me. I have you down on the list. For those that still want one. I will be sending the order at 8 PM EST tonight.

Here are the shirt details.
They come in mens sizes only for now.  Small - 4XL No extra charge for the big guy sizes 2XL or larger.
You have a choice of Blue or Black short sleeve.
Cost is $21 and includes Priority mail shipping (2-3) days from Pa where I live.
I do not order that many shirts to get a better price. Mostly a dozen at a time when I have the orders for them.  I just look to cover my costs since I never intended to go into the shirt business, I just wanted to provide some shirts for the guys on my forum an for a few of my readers.

If you have any more questions or want to order one of the shirts. Contact me at

Thank you


JL said...

I just saw your Beard shirt on the Dodgers pregame show on Prime Ticket

props man.

Steve Lyons was talking about Casey's recent surge and mentioned it was because the beard, then he held it up

liana said...

Lady sizes request!!!

M.Brown said...

I don't get that many requests for them, but I will do it to please you gals on the next design. How's that?

Jason said...

I would like to order an XL. How do I do that?

M.Brown said...

Contact me at