Friday, May 28, 2010

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Today I will be doing a reader Photoshop request for for  someone. So if you would like something let me know and I'll see what I can do. My creative mind is blown from doing all the shipping so help me out. I need a little stress relief. Just leave your request in the comments and I'll pick one or more depending how many responses I get.  Note to Memories of Kevin Malone. That does not include you. You are just too damn picky.


KempKershaw said...

Colletti being bitch-slapped by Kemp. Maybe the words "dumb ho" somewhere. Haha.

KempKershaw said...

KempKershaw said...

Bills's face/him pitching on a $100 bill.

Have a fun day man haha.

M.Brown said...

Don't you have a blog to write?

KempKershaw said...

Oh snap. That's a good burn. I was lazy. Only recapped the game.

You DID ask for suggestions haha.

I actually thought of a shirt idea. Who needs to write when images are so telling.

C said...

how about how the dodgers got robbed on that home run ruling tonight?
Despite the fact that they won it, i felt like "they really got hosed on that call" lol

Pedro said...

May 15 post.

"Home away from home" Petco dodger shirt.

Would be great for the trips down there.

M.Brown said...

I'll rework that image and see how it comes out.

Pedro said...

Any updates on the Petco shirt?

M.Brown said...

Give me a few days to rework the image. Been really busy the last few days.

Chad Moriyama said...

I did not see this until just now. Rofl.

I request you give me the contact info of your shirt guy.

M.Brown said...

I would, but he's busy at the moment

Pedro said...

How about the bottom in a dodger blue with white letters?

I've seen these shirts with basketball teams.

Might look good..