Thursday, October 1, 2009

High Lights From Tonights Game

There are none. Due to the fact you guys got 1 hit and shutout by the Padres.  This is getting a little ridiculous now. If I didn't know better. I'd swear to Vin you assholes are throwing these games so you can pop the cork in LA. You are not the 1919 Chicago Black Sox, but from what I seen on this road trip it's looking damn close.

Andre Ethier step right up and take off your shoes. You just went 1-29 on the road trip. Take a fucking bow. Manny Manny Manny. 5-22. Bet you sure are glad you have that player option now. Russssssssssell. 3-21. glad to see that new GF and yoga paying off for you. O-Dog you over achiever. 4-19 and it only cost Frank $190K for all that. JAMES! I didn't forget your 7-33. You are just so quiet these days. Mr Kemp. 9-37. Please don't make the ESPN writers have to print a retraction in next months issue. Throw in all the little league base running and fielding errors just for fun, and you have just finished the worst road trip I have ever witnessed in my life. Congratulations.  Just so you know. I'm hoping the Rockies lose on your off day. That way there will be no celebrating in front of the home fans. They deserve far better.


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