Sunday, February 21, 2010

A sign from God. The Beard must return.

Yesterday while at the post office using the ATM type machine to generate the postage for the shirts I was mailing. I had a sign from God. When all of the transactions were completed, I went to get the receipts off the top of the machine where they were laying. After grabbing the entire stack. I noticed there was one more receipt than packages. I looked at the extra receipt and it was for postage to Indianola Iowa. I stood there for a second going through all my packages thinking if I had brought the shirt that I had planned on mailing to Casey. It was not there. So I looked at the time stamp on the receipt and it was marked 5:00PM. All the other tickets were marked 6:50-7PM.

What are the chances of someone mailing Casey Blake T shirts across the country. Finding a postage receipt for someone sending a package to Indianola Iowa from Lancaster Pa? Here are the receipts as evidence.

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