Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some changes coming

Working on a new home page for the site. I know Gil's number is not retired, but on the it is. I'm not waiting on Frank or the HOF to get their shit together.  The blog will be converting to a World Press format, as soon as I can decide on a theme. If you readers want a dark theme or a white theme give me some input on whats best for you. I like the dark because the pictures show up better.

One final note. 
LFP T-shirts are at the printer and will be done this week. This is what they will look like. Choices are Black or Blue. They have Beard on the front and the LFP logo on the back. I made these for the guys on my forum, but did order a few extra. Once they are gone, they're gone. If you'd like one, let me know. I think there are less than a dozen extra. in sizes S through 3x


KempKershaw said...

I like the design for the new homepage you have posted.

And while the Blake shirt is somewhat tempting, owning one and wearing it would just remind me constantly of Carlos Santana.

M.Brown said...

Santana will explode a hammy in ST and Blake will go on to save the world and Jack Bauer.

Bobby Crosby said...

Very cool. I'd want one if Beard had a beard this year. And might want one anyway.

Roberto said...

I'll get one. Medium size. Let me know where to send the payment :)

Gaither said...

i'll take an xl, let me know where to send the cash

jeff said...

I would like a large just let me know where to send payment

Henderface said...

i would like two: one in blue and one in black.

these rule.

i will miss the opportunity to do a carlos santana air guitar every time he would have came to at bat.

but these rule sooo much.


let me know where to send the $$$


C.Yates said...

I realize this is a very late response but I just recently saw someone wearing one of these shirts and scoured the internet looking for it. Are there any left? I would need a men's small if you had it!

M.Brown said...