Saturday, June 5, 2010

ATTN Lyons and O'Neal

The shirts came from HERE! Did you not see the logo on the back of the shirt?
I ask the readers here to set them straight.


C said...

i'm up too late as it is, but don't you worry. Let's just say i've had a bit of experience telling Lyons what an utter ass he is. :P

I wrote under the moniker "Chillicat"
and although people disagreed with me, i still dislike the way in which Lyons does things. But, that's just my opinion. ;)

dodgerbobble said...

Is he not giving you credit on the shirts? What an ass. Shame on Lyons.

At the Casey Blake signing yesterday, about 10 people asked my friend where he got his "In Beard We Trust" shirt. Of course, we told them

Josh S. said...

I sent them each a tweet, but I doubt they'll give a crap.

M.Brown said...

From one of the guys on my forum.

Beard shirts mentioned on the pregame again (when talking to Reed Johnson about his beard), but goddamn Patrick O'Neal said Casey had them made up

C said...

Ok... here's what I commented to him:

"Would you please give credit where credit is due? The Beard shirt was created by Mike at the Please put aside the usual egotistical yammering for once and relay some real information. Thanks! :) "


M.Brown said...