Thursday, June 3, 2010

Second order shirts are in.

This is the order that was placed 5/25. It's a very big order so, please give me a day to sort, fold and start doing the shipping labels. I'm hoping the labels from the post office come Friday since it will make this process a whole lot easier and faster for me. I went out and bought a postal scale so I do not have to spend hours using the machine at the post office pissing off people waiting in line to buy stamps.

When you receive the email from me with my Pay Pal address. Please include the following in the note section.

Second Order
Color(s)  Blue or Black
Size(s) needed
Styles are Vin or Blake
Make sure the shipping address on your Pay Pal account is the correct one. 
Price is $21 per shirt. and includes the Priority Mail shipping.

I will pull, box and ship as soon as the payment is made.

I ask you to please be patient till you receive my email later tonight after the game.

One last thing or two.
In a few days the shirts will be available in Los Angeles. I will announce where you can get them,when I know they are in stock. So please check back in every day.

And lastly. I was very proud to see and hear all the fans still there at the end of the marathon game on Wed. Those are the people this site was created for. Those are the people that make me proud to be a Dodgers fan. Thank you and please go out and support the team this weekend.

Go Blue


FattMerro said...

I got mine in the mail today. Thanks! Looks great.

prairie said...

total props to the people who stayed on wednesday's game. anderson's moment of glory was glorious thanks to them

Jono said...

Got my shirts yesterday. Glory be to god.

Much props to Mike for making this happen!

eliagreenluv said...

got my shirt yesterday, thanks!
ooh and i was at that game, over 4 hours of sitting in the sun was definitely worth it...14th inning stretch was pretty hilarious haha!