Friday, June 4, 2010


Ok  Just came home from folding and sorting the entire order. Big thanks to my mother for giving me a hand. There might be a blonde hair here and there from her very friendly golden retriever Rusty on a few of the shirts. He wanted to help also.

I managed to hit the two post offices here for all the envelopes and boxes. All that's left is to pick, pack, print the labels and ship. I plan on doing all that all day Sat. I did manage to get a few in the mail today. Don't ask me if it was yours. I have so many names running through my head at the moment to recall. I did manage to get a shirt to a soldier being deployed to Iraq on Wed. His name is Adam. Keep him, his family and unit in your prayers while  is over there.

Now I'm going to relax, watch the game and if I'm not too tired. Try and do a pic or two before bed. Remember when I made pics and not shirts? JK  Have a great night. Go Blue.


Roberto said...

Awesome Mike! I've seen a couple of fans tonight wearing the Beard Shirts.

M.Brown said...

Yeah theyz popular. Why do I feel the need to do a Can I haz cheezeburgr pic.