Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shirts update.

If you have not responded to the email with my Pay Pal address. Do it now. I don't mean to be a prick but I have over 3 dozen shirts left unclaimed. I can't afford to eat these with the second order coming in later this week. If I do not hear those in the first order. I will offer the shirts up on the blog as a first come first serve basis.
Part of this my fault for not taking payment when the order was placed. I did that as a gesture of faith never realizing it would turn out like this.So if you were on the first order. Please step up and do your part.  Thanks


Anonymous said...

And dude, trusting people on the Internet? Come on. :o

Anonymous said...

I think they should back out on their word and you should give to us bloggers for free while we pimp your new business. :o

KempKershaw said...

Ditto. On both counts haha.

People on the internets are strange folk.