Monday, September 28, 2009


Not in the 40 plus years as a Dodgers fan have I seen such a cluster fuck road trip. How in the Hell, (and it truly has been to watch) does a team with over 90 plus wins lose to two teams with almost 200 combined losses? They should be embarrassed. There is no f%#$! excuse for it. Sorry to say it but, this team was RAPED! That's as gentle as I can put it. Both the Nats and Bucs had their way with the Dodgers like a football team with a drunk cheerleader on spring break.

Knowing how the Padres would like to stick it up the Ddodgers ass. I dread the next two games in San Diego.

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PenosCabell said...

SS LaRoche. Nice. He really stuck it to the Dodgers. This was an embarrassing road trip. Let's hope they got all the crappy play out of their system.