Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who the F%#*! are these guys?

I swear to Casey Blake this team is dead. Billingsley pitches half way decent except for the walks, and the team takes a shit.  I just knew after the first inning of tonight's game, it was headed down hill faster than Andruw Jones to a buffet table.This team is FUCKING LAZY! sorry for the cursing but that's what it is. Manny seems to think he's back in Boston not running hard to first. My what a contract year and female hormones will do for you. If Joe Torre or his staff  (paging Larry Bowa) does not rip into these assholes for their play as of late. He needs to get the hell out of the game. Then he can sit at home, watch Oprah and drink his damn tea. After 21 years I thought we had a legit shot. Stupid ass me for thinking that.

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