Sunday, September 13, 2009


Russell got a magic bean from Dirty Sanchez, and with a mighty swing. Russell jacked a home run just inside the left field foul pole. As he walked slowly down the first base line watching his gigantic blast. Flashes of Carlton Fisk in the 1975 world series went rushing by in my head. As the ball left the park into the outer stands. Pretty much so did the Giants 2009 wild card chances.

The night wasn't a total loss for Bay area fans. Heath Bell of the Padres did his best to give the Rockies another 9th inning win. Only this time Bell, who's no Trevor Hoffman. Allowed the overachieving bunch from Denver to tie the score. The Padres rallied in extra innings and ended Jim Tracy's day on a sour note, much to the delight of Dodger fans everywhere. The rare loss. Keeps the Rockies 5.5 games ahead of them and now the Marlins.